May 12 2020

Paradigm Group Raise Money for North Aberdeen Foodbank with Well Intervention Webinar

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Webinar 12 05 2020

Paradigm Intervention Technologies (PIT) have raised money for Aberdeen North Foodbank by matching the cost of a meal for families in crisis for each webinar attendee. The event held today (Tues 12th May) was presented by Stuart Berry, Product Champion for their fibre enabled slickline, Slick-O-Line®. They are the first company from Paradigm Group to run a live webinar to educate and promote their well intervention services.

Stuart Berry, Product Champion for Slick-O-Line®, “Despite the disruption to ‘normal’ working life during lockdown we’re still receiving a high amount of interest for our Slick-O-Line® operated service. So, we decided to run the webinar, inviting interested parties to gain an overview of the technology, in particular detailing slickline deployment of distributed acoustics & temperature services’, exploring the technology, benefits, applications and data examples.”

The Group decided to use the webinar as an opportunity to raise money for local charity North Aberdeen Foodbank by matching the donation of a cost of a meal for every attendee of the webinar.

Debbie Rennie, Manager of the North Aberdeen Foodbank comments, “We’re so grateful to receive this donation from Paradigm. The money will go towards us being able to help and support more local individuals and families in crisis. As you can imagine we are in particular demand at the moment with the lockdown, so it really is appreciated more than ever”.

Arthur Merrick, Operations Manager at PIT, comments, “We’re proud to be in a position to help local families in need, we know there are so many people affected by COVID-19, many of whom are in the industry themselves. We are fortunate that we have such a good platform and a talented team to deliver our services direct to our customers and interested parties, live, allowing them the opportunity to ask questions directly to us, in real-time.”.

The webinar was so successful that they are planning to make this a regular feature across the group; PIT will present the next webinar scheduled for Tuesday 26th May 13:00 (GMT +1) on their Slick-E-Line® system, which combines the versatility and efficiency of traditional slickline with the real-time data streaming capability of electric line. Stuart confirms, “Our revolutionary Slick-E-Line® technology is bridging the gap between cased-hole electric line and slickline services, supporting all parties with immediate decision making for well intervention challenges”.

For anyone who missed the Slick-O-Line® webinar they can register to watch the recorded version and to register for Slick-E-Line® webinar

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