Nov 15 2018

Sales Insight: How's business in North America

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Paradigm Group Sales Insight November 2018 Paragraph

Paradigm Flow Services (PFS) operates a differentiating pipeline blockage and removals technologies from its Houston office. We interviewed Kevin Keogh, VP of Commercial at Paradigm Flow Services, US, about how Paradigm are performing in the oil and gas flow remediation and blockage market in the US.

Kevin has been with Paradigm Flow Services for seven years now. He began working in the Drumoak office in Aberdeen as Business Development Manager in 2011 and took the opportunity to expand PFS’s offering over to the US to be based in Houston, Texas in 2016. Kevin is responsible for sales, business development and commercial activity in North America (US & Canada) for Paradigm’s pipeline cleaning and intervention technologies and service solutions in both offshore and land applications. Kevin has since been promoted to VP of Commercial and is part of a small but dynamic sales and business development team.

“We have been operating in the US since 2013. The offshore oil and gas service market tend to fall into two categories in this region for the Gulf of Mexico; shallow and deep-water. Each market presents different technical challenges and economic drivers to how operators approach solving flow assurance issues. To date we have been successful in penetrating the offshore market and are now actively chasing down onshore opportunities”.

The market is saturated with smaller, SME independent companies, many of whom offer similar products and compete with each other on price. We, however, operate niche technology in a niche market, offering full service where we can to drive down the overall cost of production for operators.

Find-Block® is an example of how we achieve this in an operator’s remedial campaign. We use our unique technology to diagnose the point of the pipeline blockage and then are able to offer our follow up blockage removal and cleaning technologies; Pipe-Pulse® and Flexi-Coil® depending on the type of blockage. This is the most accurate technology in the market for locating blockages and we offer a low-cost rapid response rate service too! From call out to diagnosis, we have successfully found a blockage within 24 hours of arrival on site.

Whether onshore or offshore, we understand the urgency of getting a pipeline back online as soon as possible. This is an overall solution development to demonstrate the value of Paradigm full service to our clients”.

Paradigm Flow Services have some exciting projects on the horizon, that involve Find-Block®, Pipe-Pulse® and our Flexi-Coil® system. We look forward to reporting back on these in the coming months.

To learn more about how Paradigms technologies can help you with your speak directly to Kevin and his team please contact Paradigm Flow Services on flow@paradigm.eu

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