Feb 09 2021

PFS and Hawkes Fire form Strategic Alliance

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Dry Flo graphic 01 HF lsp lrg black transp Dry Flo graphic
Dry Flo graphic 01 HF lsp lrg black transp Dry Flo graphic

Paradigm Flow Services and Hawkes Fire form Strategic Agreement for Industry 4.0 Digital Deluge Testing Services.

Paradigm Flow Services, part of the Paradigm Group headquartered in Groot-Ammers, Holland, have announced a strategic alliance with UK & Ireland based fire service and maintenance specialists Hawkes Fire as their agent promoting the sales and rentals of their dry deluge technology, Dry-Flo® and its associated products onshore UK market.

Hawkes Fire, with the agreement, will actively market and introduce Dry-Flo® 4.0, the world’s leading digital dry deluge system to the UK market. Paradigm Flow Services are well known for their innovate problem solving technology in the oil and gas industry and last year they also successfully applied their game changing digital dry deluge testing system, Dry-Flo® on a major transport tunnel construction project in Sydney, Australia. They are hoping they will recreate this success into other industrial sectors.

Daniel McCormick, Director of Fire Services at Paradigm Flow Services comments, “We’re delighted to team up with Hawkes Fire to promote our ground-breaking Dry-Flo® 4.0 technology. It gives them the opportunity to expand their fire safety offering and allows us more exposure to other high-risk industries and smart applications. This non-invasive data acquisition software which accurately simulates wet flow testing in virtual litres, can detect debris in many systems with such accuracy that we can rectify issues immediately. This technology saves valuable time and effort for the client.”

Martin Hawkes, Managing Director of Hawkes Fire further explains, “We are thrilled to be partnered with Paradigm to promote their Dry deluge technology. As experts in fire safety and inspection, we are impressed by their Dry-Flo® technology and its ability to safely performance test deluge fire protection systems, with limited resources required in the process. This is a game changer as it offers a safer, more economical, and sustainable means of deluge testing and inspection, using less resources such as people and water. Paradigm is a testament to our business ethos of providing products and systems that combine leading edge technology with a proven capability”.

McCormick adds, “Our Dry-Flo® technology can be installed as a temporary service, or permanently installed to allow unmanned remote periodic testing to take place without any disruption to the fire protection system or the area it has been installed to protect. We’re really proud that our technology is diverse and can be easily applied to other industries and can achieve deluge testing in a more sustainable manner. We look forward to working closely with Hawkes Fire team to further Dry-Flo’s® success into more industries”.

Learn more about Dry-Flo®: www.Dry-Flo.com for all sales enquiries please mail flow@paradigm.eu

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