Aug 29 2018

Product spotlight: Extreamer™

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Paradigm Drilling Services - Extreamer™

Cost Effective Wellbore Expansion.

Paradigm’s Extreamer® enables oil operators, drilling operators and directional drilling service providers to effectively increase hole size.

The Extreamer®can be used to hydraulically increase hole size while drilling ahead or after a pilot hole has been drilled. This expandable reaming tool minimises vibrations and self-stabilises its main body whilst assisting rotary steerable assemblies, withstanding high side loads often seen in highly deviated wells. The three blocks close when pumps are stopped to ensure clean retrieval from the wellbore.

The Extreamer®considers float equipment so it can be drilled out prior to activating the tool or it can drill a pre-existing hole. Once activated, the cutter blocks are held open geometrically when weight on bit is applied. Due to the nature of our patented opening mechanism, the cutter blocks are not susceptible to side load closure in highly deviated or horizontal applications.

The tool assembly is integral within the body of the tool and all hard metal components are retained via an API service connection rated above the end connections.


  • Blades will retract on retrieval
  • Blocks held open using hydraulics and/or set down weight
  • Can support assembly weight without collapsing blocks
  • PDC cutting structure, series of nozzles to cool and clean the cutter blocks
  • Integral assembly locked by service connection

Paradigm’s Extreamer® is designed to provide top quality, cost-effective hole opening from a robust and versatile tool design.

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