Jun 07 2022

Slick-E-Line® System, branded Real-time Slickline (RtS) by Altus Intervention Ltd, sets a world record

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Paradigm’s Slick-E-Line® System, branded Real-time Slickline (RtS) by Altus Intervention Ltd, sets a world record for the longest real-time acquisition of multi finger calliper (MIT40) data on mechanical slickline.

In both a world and region first, Altus Intervention logged a record 10,880ft continuous section using a forty finger calliper on Paradigm’s Slick-E-Line® System, the first operation of its kind in the European region.

Paradigm and Altus Intervention have successfully collaborated to deploy Real-time Slickline (Slick-E-Line® System) for multi finger calliper logging across multiple wells, for both well integrity analysis and suitable joint selection for barrier placement as part of an abandonment campaign. Cumulatively, 19,920ft of multi-finger calliper was logged on the platform during the campaign. Furthermore, all mechanical slickline runs prior to running the calliper were undertaken utilizing the Slick-E-Line® System, as well as all subsequent electro-mechanical plug setting operations, with correlation and plug setting utilizing the Slick-E-Line® System’s high frequency CCL, pressure, temperature and vibration sensors as part of the assets permanent abandonment strategy. Performing all operations with a single unit brought the added advantage of having to mobilize only one unit offshore. This achievement marks a world first for the market-leading intervention company, Altus Intervention, and Paradigm’s premiere digital slickline technology, Slick-E-Line®.

William Ash, Paradigm’s Well Intervention business Managing Director explains, “Our Slick-E-Line® System offers a cost-effective way to log the multi finger calliper (MIT40) with real-time motor control and real-time acquisition confidence. Active collaboration with our technology’s end user, Altus Intervention, in conjunction with their first class operational execution has delivered this world first in data driven decisions from a slickline footprint.”

Frankie Calder, VP Logging & Well Intervention Technologies, Altus Intervention UK continues, “Our relationship with Paradigm has given us the ability to offer our client the opportunity of data confidence, fast decision making and accurate barrier placement, saving a significant amount of operational time and cost. All from a slickline spread. It was a win win win solution for all!”

Ash concludes, “This collaboration has highlighted the power of the Slick-E-Line® System to deliver real-time surface readout data over a slickline conveyance system, ultimately driving quicker and more accurate decision making for the realization of more efficient operations.”

For all enquiries, please mail [email protected] or [email protected], or visit paradigm.eu or altusintervention.com for more information.

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