Extended Reach and Complex Trajectory Conveyance

Reach the unreachable

Extended Reach and Complex Trajectory Conveyance

As well placement has evolved, so have the requirements for a suitable intervention conveyance. From extended laterals to tortuous wellbores, there is a continual push for the conveyance of larger more complex tool strings further into complex environments.

At Paradigm we have addressed these requirements with our futureproof UltraLine® solution. Rather than creating a product that operates at the boundary of its specifications, we have instead pushed the envelope. UltraLine® technology combines the optimisation of increased strength with reduced weight from an integrated carbon weave, reduced friction via a polymeric coating and general mechanical behaviour that is akin to eline allowing for the use of pre-existing infrastructure during deployment. With multiple configurations incorporating various copper conductors as well as single and multi-mode fibre optics, it is truly the well intervention conveyance of the future.

This is an optimized solution from Paradigm Intervention Technologies

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