Flow Allocation and Well Interference

Next generation logging

Flow Allocation and Well Interference

With the ability to see the entire well during the entire survey, Paradigm’s Slick-O-Line® is ideally suited to capture the required DAS and DTS data required for Flow Allocation and Well Interference operations.

Utilising standard slickline units and PCE the fibre-enabled system can be deployed in the well with minimal footprint and cost.

Comprising of a 0.160” OD cable the intervention has little or no impact on the flow characteristics compared to a conventional logging tool string and can capture significantly more detailed data in less time. With faster rig up and rig downtimes and lower survey times,

Slick-O-Line® is perfectly suited to multi-well intervention campaigns resulting in a lowering of the carbon impact and associated costs.

This is an optimized solution from Paradigm Intervention Technologies

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