Light Well Intervention

RLWI using Slick-E-Line®

Light Well Intervention

Light well intervention and riser-less light well intervention has become the increasingly economic and robust solution for subsea well interventions. Our Slick-E-Line® platform ensures further efficiency gains via both crew and spread reduction by amalgamating slickline and eline operations across a multitude of services. Moreover, there are also far reaching HSE advantages in being able to perform these services without the need for grease injection.

For scenarios such as light well intervention where our antenna telemetry system can’t be directly connected to the lubricator, it can instead be deck mounted utilising a custom frame used in conjunction with a customised open hole top sheave rather than the standard lubricator mounted staff type top sheave.

Into the deep – Slick-E-Line® has been successfully deployed on light well operations in water depths greater than 6,000ft to total depths exceeding 28,000ft.

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