i-Winch® 75 SlimLine™ Plug-In

Fully electric winch

i-Winch® 75 SlimLine™ Plug-In

The i-Winch® 75 SlimLine Plug-In gives next generation electric drive technology directly into an existing ASEP™ SlimLine™ winch.

Upgrading with the i-Winch® 75 maintains the same ease-of-use inherent to the original SlimLine unit, whilst converting it to a simple electrical Plug-In system that delivers guaranteed performance with zero wire breakage, zero pull-off, zero maintenance, zero operational carbon footprint.

Paradigm’s all electric i-Winch® technology is built upon the extensive intelligent conveyance product range and delivers the much-needed breakthrough in operational safety, winch performance and environmental impact reduction demanded in today’s low-carbon operations.

The i-Winch® 75 system uses the latest design in compact high-power inverters and permanent magnet motors. Sophisticated drive control software allows for precise and smooth control of the liquid cooled high torque electric motors. The direct electric drive system delivers the best winch control and automation available in the market today, providing rapid responses for fast stopping capability, instant torque delivery for fast acceleration and jarring, and ultra-slow stable logging speeds. The software affords a high degree of safety functionality by operator defined parameters, to prevent overpulls, pull-offs at surface or other unsafe situations. The i-Winch® 75 system hardware is fully compatible and pre-prepared for Paradigm’s real-time Slick-E-Line® conveyance system.

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