PPU IIa, Power Processing Unit, P, T, CCL, 1 11/16"

PPU IIa, Power Processing Unit, P, T, CCL, 1 11/16"

The PPU IIa Power Processing Unit (PPU) is the heart of the downhole Slick-E-Line® tool string and is located below the PCH. The PPU IIa provides power to the modules below and to the PCH above. The PPU IIa stores the data retrieved from the tool string in the internal memory, whilst simultaneously sending data to the PCH, which is then transmitted in real-time to the ParaComm™ Antenna and ParaComm™ DP Panel.

The PPU IIa has been designed to be as rugged as possible, whilst allowing access to a field-replaceable battery pack.

It delivers a complete solution for both mechanical operations, trigger operations as well as logging operations.

The PPU IIa’s array of onboard sensors provides the possibility to know where the tools are in the well (P, T and CCL) whilst setting a plug or doing a tubing punch etc and provides real-time confirmation of the effect of the operations downhole.

The PPU IIa is fitted with the following sensors:

  • Well pressure
  • Well temperature
  • CCL
  • Vibrations and inclination


  • Field-replaceable battery pack
  • Shock and vibration proof design for DAQ and battery pack for conventional slickline and perforating operations
  • Upper connection to 1.475” ParaComm™ Communication head

The PPU IIa is rated to 15k psi, 150°C, and is fully ruggedized for jarring and ballistic operation.

Alternative hardware variants are available, including high temperature (175degC) and downhole stress (DHS) capabilities.

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