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Routine Line Clamp

Routine Line Clamp

The Routine Line Clamp is designed to securely hold the Slick-E-Line® and keep the toolstring in position during routine operations with raising or lowering the lubricator stack. The clamp has a precision-engineered wire retaining groove to minimize the risk of damaging the coating of wires.


The Routine Clamp is specifically designed to grip around the Slick-E-Line® wire in routine operations at surface.

These clamps are primarily designed to hold the wire in tension during routine operations when rigging up / down, as a safety device when holding a toolstring stationary in the well over an extended period. This allows the operator to move lubricators or repair loose wraps on the drum, etc.

It is not recommended to use this clamp with loads exceeding 500 kg as damage to the coating of the Slick-E-Line® may occur.

Download Routine Line Clamp Datasheet

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