Shear Pin Release Tool

Shear Pin Release Tool

Paradigm Shear Pin Release tool is connected directly below the Cable Head in a Slick-E-Line® tool string and provides a rated mechanical weak point in the event the tool becomes stuck. The top part of the release tool can be separated by applying an overpull greater than the shear rating of the pins holding the tool together. When separated the Release tool leaves a clean fish neck on the bottom part of the Release tool, free of debris and cable to allow the abandoned tool string to be recovered more efficiently by a conventional fishing operation.


  • Provides a releasable connection of the Slick-E-Line® tool string
  • Robust body design
  • Fishing neck, modified 1.750” reduced to tool diameter 1.693”
  • Multiple shear pin size options for operational flexibility
  • Sleeve to retain shear pin after shearing
  • S3P treated, increasing surface hardness and shearing performance
  • Sour and Sweet service
Download Shear Pin Release Tool Datasheet

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