Chemical Treatments

Corrosion inhibition and firewater ringmain treatment

Chemical Treatments

Corrosion Inhibition

Once a deluge system has been cleaned we can introduce a corrosion inhibitor:

  • Patented automated induction system to optimise dosage
  • Prevent further corrosion build up
  • Environmentally Friendly

For more information on the corrosion inhibitor or to request an MSDS sheet please use contact link provided.

Firewater Ringmain Treatment

Marine and microbial growth frequently accumulates within the firewater ringmain. These growths can ultimately impact the performance of a deluge system with the restriction of flow path and the blockage of nozzles.

We have developed a biocide treatment called PureFlow which is:

  • CEFAS approved for discharge straight to sea
  • Performed Live
  • Quick and Effective
  • Neutralises down to the biofilm base layer within the ringmain.

PureFlow is currently patented and owned by Paradigm Flow Services

Corrosion Inhibition is currently patent pending

This is a service from Paradigm Flow Services

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