Slick-O-Line® Operated Services

Fibre enabled slickline

Slick-O-Line® Operated Services

Paradigm Intervention Technologies Slick-O-Line® system continuously monitors temperature and acoustic responses over the entire well length. Surveys may be conducted through static baseline surveillance, production and injection operations or manipulation of the well annulus at surface to monitor how the well reacts over its entire length. The surveillance detects downhole events, both thermal and acoustic, providing a start depth, end depth, velocity, direction, frequency and periodicity.

Paradigm Intervention Technologies Slick-O-Line® offers a combined Distributed Acoustic (DAS), Distributed Temperature (DTS) and memory GR/CCL/Pressure/Temperature data gathering, providing an integrated solution for well integrity and well abandonment. This data has been used to source mobile fluids and their direction and speed of flow helping to modify plug and abandonment programs. This data can be gathered through tubing, in multiple casing strings, using regular slickline pressure control equipment. As a minimum, the service can be provided with a drum of Slick-O-Line® and surface acquisition units making the service easily transportable to any rig site. Data can be processed on site if a “quick look” interpretation is required giving fast turnaround times.

The low cost, ease of access and quick turnaround times make this service ideal for well integrity and abandonment within wells.

Slick-O-Line® is suited, but not limited to the following applications:


  • Production Profiling
  • Injection Profiling
  • Warm Back Survey
  • Crossflow Identification
  • Water Breakthrough Identification
  • Gas Breakthrough Identification
  • Sand Production

Well Integrity / Well Abandonment

  • Tubing to Annulus Leak Identification
  • A, B and C Annuli Leak Identification
  • Packer / ASV Leak Identification
  • Casing Shoe Integrity Survey
  • Flow Behind Casing Identification
  • Crossflow Identification
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