Slick-E-Line® Wire FAQs

Q: Can I use SEL just like I would a normal slickline?
A: SEL is a coated alloy slickline and it mechanically handles just like a normal slickline.

Q: Can SEL be used for jarring operations?
A: Yes, SEL can be used for prolonged jarring operation just like you would use a normal alloy slickline for that.

Q: Can I spool SEL onto a my current slickline drum?
A: We recommend a minimum drum core diameter of 500 mm (20”)

Q: Can I rough-spool SEL?
A: We recommend smooth-spooling SEL because that is better for both the alloy core and polymeric coating.

Q: What is the purpose of the markings on the SEL?
A: The marks are laser engraved on the wire at …. mtr intervals and carry a manufacturing code and a length mark.

Q: Can the coating be damaged?
A: The SEL coating is hard wearing but can be damaged by sideways impact e.g. when hit with a hammer.

Q: Can the coating be repaired?
A: Small localised damages e.g coating cuts and chips smaller than 4” length are field repairable

Q: Is special equipment need to connect SEL to the rope socket (Cable Head)?
A: No, but we do recommend using a simple coating stripper tool to make life easier.

Q: How is the SEL attached to the rope socket (Cable Head)?
A: The SEL wire is mechanically attached using a normal Pear-Drop and Sleeve type Cable Head.

Q: Do I need a slipring unit on the drum for SEL?
A: No electrical drum connections are required, SEL technology is based on wireless transmission of data.

Q: Can we use SEL in hot and sour wells?
A: SEL provides a 150 C resistant barrier against aggressive sour well conditions (check SEL datasheets)

Q: What components make up the Slick-E-Line® System?
A: Click on the interactive image below for an overview of the Slick-E-Line® System Components.

Interactive Slick-E-Line® System Components Overview

Q: How does Slick-E-Line® Application compare to Slickline, E-Slickline (Tubed) and E-Line?
A: The image below describes the application of Slick-E-Line® in a functional comparison to Slickline, E-Slickline (Tubed) and E-Line.

Slick-E-Line® System Application Comparison Other Methodologies
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