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ParaComm Cable Head

ParaComm Cable Head

The ParaComm Cable Head or Rope socket is used to attach the Slick-E-Line® to the downhole tool string (for logging or mechanical services). The Cable head is connected to the ParaComm Communication Head (PCH).

The assembly consists of a robust body with external fishing neck, insulated sleeve design which maintains form and ensures continuous communication and a brass wedge (pear drop). The pear drop is grooved to accommodate the Slick-E-Line® and comes complete with a securing grub screw. The more pull applied on the Slick-E-Line®, the more the pear drop pulls into the sleeve giving a tighter grip on the Slick-E-Line®.

The standard fishing head allows for quick and easy fishing operations.


  • Provide connection of the Slick-E-Line® to the tool string.
  • Robust body design
  • Standard fishing neck
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