ParaComm Data Processing Panel

ParaComm Data Processing Panel

The ParaComm Data Processing Panel (DP) is an industrial computer that processes depth, tension and data to and from downhole tools via the Paradigm Slick-E-Line®. The DP is the central component for real-time Slick-E- Line® system and sets the new Industry standard for ultra-precision, safety and control for Paradigms’ latest innovation of electronic controlled E-Winch® units, another step change in operational efficiency.


  • Bi-directional communication between DP panel and Slick-E-Line® downhole tools
  • Digital and analogue display of depth, speed and tension
  • Certified models for Rigsafe or zone-2 areas
  • Visualization of toolstring position in well
  • Job performance monitoring
  • Programmable alarm and shutdown limits
  • Manual winch control by joystick or screen buttons
  • Automated speed, tension, jarring, logging
  • Constant Speed and Tension


  • Visualization of sensor data e.g. CCL, Well pressure and temperature
  • Line tension prediction
  • Wireless RemoteRigUpControl


  • Intuitive graphic control interface
  • Infinite controllability of the electric drive systems for ultra-slow or instantaneous winch response
  • Real time data communication and control from remote office for operational support and quality control
  • Remote winch control and diagnostics from any well- or office location for maintenance or operational support
  • Recording of Line history and -fatigue monitoring
  • Real time data communication with logging system at remote office or control room, reducing number of supervisors at location
  • Advanced safety to prevent emergency stop for overpull or other unsafe situations (e.g. surface operations)
  • Advanced operational safety by real-time display of predicted vs. actual line tension
Download Data Processing Panel Datasheet

Download Data Processing Panel Datasheet

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