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ParaComm Antenna and Stuffing Box

ParaComm Antenna and Stuffing Box

The ParaComm Antenna

The ParaComm Antenna is used for the data communication to the Slick-E-Line® cable and transmits data to and from the downhole tools. The ParaComm Antenna incorporates a communication box and lubricator section specially designed for the Slick-E-Line® system.


  • Electric powered RxTX Antenna module for communication with Slick-E-Line®
  • Communication module to downhole tools
  • 4 piece assembly: Stuffing box, lubricator, seal sub and collar, EX communication box
  • Quick release EX PoE snap connectors on Ex communication box
  • 45 m data cable to data processing panel (in winch unit)


  • Robust communication with downhole tools via Slick-E-Line®
  • Bi-directional communication between DP panel and downhole tools
  • Single cable from EX communication box to winch unit to transmit data from both downhole tools and depth / tension sensors
  • There is no need for wiring and installation of a slipring

The ParaComm Stuffing Box

The ParaComm stuffing box innovative design seals on the coated Slick-E-Line® against the well pressure. The patented sealing element is designed with a longer, large cross sectional area which provides an environment friendly seal and cleaning action at well intervention operations.


  • One-piece packing stick with large cross sectional seal area
  • Quick connect block for ParaSheave
  • Lockable free-rotational ParaSheave mount
  • Oil / grease injection piston port
  • Glycol / Chemical injection port
  • Grease nipple for preventive maintenance to roller bearings of rotating sheave mount
  • Integrated seal sub and collar assembly with ball safety check valve and blow-out plug


  • Safe, quick and easy to use stuffing box
  • Environment friendly large sealing area
  • Minimized oil / grease spill
  • Easy re-assembly of one-piece packing stick can be done with wire in place
  • Piston provides force to packing, allowing longer seal life and faster change.
  • Integrated ball safety check valve
  • Blow-out plug at lower seal sub moves to sealing position if packing element fails and seals on static wire
Download ParaComm / Stuffing Box Datasheet

Download ParaComm / Stuffing Box Datasheet

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