The ParaSheave is an intelligent sheave assembly that guides the wire into the well and at the same time is integrated with measuring sensors for Depth, Speed and Tension. The ParaSheave is mounted on top of ParaComm Antenna with stuffing box assembly (A1202452). The ParaSheave is equipped with certified electronics to communicate depth, speed and tension data to the ParaComm Antenna that is connected to the ParaComm Data Processing panel in the winch unit.

Depth and Tension

With the ParaSheave design the wire experiences low slippage by the 180° contact around the top sheave wheel and this results in a most reliable and accurate depth measurement.


  • Hardened aluminum wheel with lowest friction and highest corrosion resistance
  • Integrated design with encoder for Depth, Speed and Loadpin for 2T line tension
  • Quick release EX PoE snap connectors
  • Easy wire installation with spring leave
  • Easy replacement of encoder, loadpin and bearings
  • Eye Clevis for use as top sheave (option: wire cutter)


  • Reliable and most accurate depth measurement by 180° line contact and lowest slippage
  • Significant increase of life-time of cable (by absence of conventional measuring head)
  • Low friction for exceptional durability of both cable and wheel
  • Zero maintenance for sheave design with enclosed bearings
Download ParaSheave Datasheet

Download ParaSheave Datasheet

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