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Tri-Flow Filter System


Tri-Flow Filter System

Marine, microbial and other debris within the firewater ringmain will inevitably be flushed into the deluge system during a wet test or planned flow. We have developed a simple but effective filter system to provide a barrier against the movement of debris into the deluge system.

Tri-Flow is a custom built debris filter unit that is made to suit each particular application and environment.

  • Designed to be inserted at key locations downstream of the targeted deluge valve prior to the dry deluge header and nozzle pipework.
  • Basket is inserted within the Tri-Flow filter during a wet test and can filter away any debris or marine growth before it enters the deluge system.

In addition to this, corrosion inhibitor can be introduced into the deluge system via the chemical injection port at the base of the basket and differential pressure can be measured to determine the extent of the basket fouling.

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