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Chemical Sentinel


Chemical Sentinel

Some chemicals aren’t designed to mix and when they do the resulting fluid can have a detrimental impact on the operation of an umbilical. Our subsea engineering team has designed a solution to detect incompatible fluids before they enter the umbilical and potentially block the line.

As chemicals are introduced into an umbilical system, Chemical Sentinel will analyse the fluids to ensure that they are compatible and therefore reduce the likelihood of a blockage forming. If this is the case then Chemical Sentinel will immediately terminate the introduction of the incompatible fluids into the line to enable the asset to pump and flush the umbilical.

In addition to this we have designed a mini SUFU, which would be positioned at the base of the riser/umbilical. If a potential contaminate is detected, the SUFU will capture the contamination before it goes into the rest of the umbilical, safeguarding uptime. More details can be found on SUFU here.

Chemical Sentinel is currently patented and owned by Paradigm Flow Services

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