Oct 08 2021

Pipe-Pulse® Success in Mexico for Paradigm Group

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Paradigm Group, headquartered near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has recently completed another successful blockage removal project, the third instance of this specific operation for a customer. The repeat custom is on account of the efficacy of Paradigm's Pipe-Pulse® technology.

Kirk Gardiner, Paradigm Pipe-Pulse® Technology Subject Matter Expert, adds: “We performed this work with our Mexican partner as part of an end client plant performance improvement project. This was the third project based at a local petrochemical plant, using Pipe-Pulse® technology to remove solidified polymers from industrial heat exchangers by pressure-pulsing bespoke cleaning pigs through the system. Our Pipe-Pulse® technology has a small footprint and is easy to deploy worldwide. In this instance, Paradigm equipment was incorporated into our local representative's high pressure pumping equipment. The transient pressure waves propelled the specially designed pigs through the exchangers, which are not compatible with standard pigging operations. The Pipe-Pulse® approach is continuing to prove significantly faster than conventional methods, such as High-Pressure Water Jetting and Rotary Brushing, enabling our end client to get back online faster, while maintaining and improving operation safety.”

Gardiner concludes, “We’re proud of our growing reputation in the field of production efficiency and the increasing demand for our non-intrusive blockage removal technology. We’re continuously evolving our product range to be more carbon efficient, whilst developing digital technology that promotes a safer working environment.”

Learn more about Pipe-Pulse® click Pipe-Pulse® – Paradigm Group, and for all sales enquiries please mail flow@paradigm.eu

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