Nov 15 2018

Product Spotlight: Need to Pinpoint Your Block?

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Paradigm Group Find Block Paragraph

Accurate Pipeline Blockage Detection

Pipeline blockages and obstructions can cause pipeline flow issues often resulting in costly delays to production. The Paradigm Group Find-Block® system, facilitated by the Group’s Pipe-Pulse® technology, is a method of locating full bore blockages in pipelines and flowlines that can be deployed from the host facility.

STATIS® - Stress analysis, Amplitude calculation, Transient pulse, Integrated system, Software

Find-Block® is currently the most accurate blockage location tool on the market. It is supported by the Paradigm Group STATIS® modelling software and with its non-intrusive nature can allow for safe, accurate locating up to 10m/1km of a range of blockages including: asphaltenes, sand, paraffin wax, hydrates and mechanical obstructions (stuck pigs, closed valves etc).

Hugh Mackenzie, MD of Paradigm Flow Services explains why the Find-Block® system is only one part of wider flow remedial service on offer to operators;

“This is another game-changing technology that offers operators the chance to reduce the overall cost of production. The Paradigm Flow Services team responds quickly, locates the blockage and offers further advice and service to clear the blockage by using our Pipe-Pulse® and Flexi-Coil® systems. This full service guarantees the best, dedicated service for this potentially expensive problem”.

Main Features / Benefits using Find-Block® in comparison to alternative/traditional methods of blockage detection;

  • Rapid response service
  • Non-intrusive application
  • Highly accurate blockage location
  • Minimal personnel and equipment
  • Cost-effective solution; ideally suited for wax and asphaltene blockages and stuck pigs
  • Successful, cost-effective, safe, and no harm to the environment

The Find-Block® has been successfully deployed both onshore and offshore and with the ability to mobilise quickly, Paradigm Group can advise remediation options quickly, getting pipeline production back online in record time.

Find-Block®; another example of how Paradigm Group delivers efficiency through innovation.

For more information on Find-Block® please click here or email info@paradigm.eu

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