Oct 04 2018

Product spotlight: Slick-E-Line® and ParaSheave™

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Product Spotlight Parasheave  Paragraph
Product Spotlight Parasheave  Paragraph

Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI), The Paradigm Way (The Best Way).

Paradigm Group offer a unique well diagnostic and intervention service for wireline/slickline service companies and oil and gas operators. The Slick-E-Line® (SEL) system allows multiple service capabilities such as data logging, mechanical services, perforating, cutting and plugging during intervention using a single slickline wire.

SEL combines the data transmission capability of wireline with the more efficient lower cost delivery of slickline.

The SEL system features an insulated coated slickline which enables two-way data communication to be delivered between surface and downhole tools in real-time. The high temperature thermoplastic compound coating is nonabrasive to downhole tubulars and high-end completions. This innovative technology results in lower non-productive time and offers significant cost saving and improved safety performance.

SEL is a transformational improvement in cost and operational efficiency for well servicing.

The ParaSheave™is an important component of the SEL. It is an intelligent sheave assembly that guides the wire into the well and at the same time is integrated with measuring sensors. The ParaSheave™ is usually mounted on top of a ParaComm™ Antenna with a stuffing box assembly. Certified electronics communicate depth, speed and tension data to the ParaComm™ Antenna which is connected to the ParaComm™ Data Processing panel in the winch unit.

The ParaSheave™ significantly reduces the amount of wire bending associated with traditional rig-ups, increasing wire life time and reducing the risk of premature wire failure.

The SEL system enables Paradigm Group to offer a service that reduces the overall footprint, has less environmental risks associated with it; lowering unit and rig up equipment costs and minimises crew requirements usually associated with riserless well intervention. This ultimately results in cutting down non-productive time by avoiding unit change out rig overs.

Another example of transformational innovation brought to you be Paradigm Group.

For more information on the Slick-E-Line® system please click here and for a spec sheet on The ParaSheave™ click here.

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