High-Expansion Basket Plugs

Pass through small restrictions and set in a larger ID tubular below

High-Expansion Basket Plugs

Paradigm Intervention Technologies High-Expansion Basket Plug (HEBP) is designed to pass through small restrictions and set in a larger ID tubular below. The Petal Basket Plug firmly anchors into place a “metal petal” umbrella that functions as a cement basket to be utilized as a base for subsequent placement (dumping) of bridging material, normally cement, or resin. The unique setting mechanism positively deploys the bottom slips 12” below the end of the running sleeve which is gently winched upward leaving the entire plug on the desired depth.

The Plug offers multiple features that improve reliability. Slip segments have been designed to hold 1600lbs each to improve setting and holding ability. A tool barrier is installed above the basket to prevent accidental damage due to wireline tool string contact. A second inverted basket directs any migrating fluids into the thru vent system.

HEBP Plugs can be run on Slick-E-Line®, e-line, slickline, tractor and coiled tubing, and threaded pipe.


  • Positive Deployment of the Thru Tubing Petal Basket Plug
  • Tool Barrier prevents accidental damage to basket during operations
  • Double basket supports cement column and diverts migrating fluid to vent
  • The Plug uses overlapping spring steel petals to provide a strong
  • Metal petals are stronger than other products
  • Case Hardened Slips assure placement in most casing
  • Pressure balanced vent valve maintains equalization across plug until it is closed
  • Plugs for casing up to 7-5/8” are made “with shot”, a tube that contains a small amount of bridging material that deploys into the basket when set
  • Each plug is manufactured to accept the addition of a Bow Spring Centralizer

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