High-Expansion Elastomeric Plugs

Pass through a reduced ID and set in a larger tubing or casing size

High-Expansion Elastomeric Plugs

Elastomeric Plug family (HEEP) is utilised when a bridge plug is required to pass through a reduced ID and set in a larger tubing or casing size. HEEP systems are used in rigless intervention zonal isolations and recompletions. They can pass through small restrictions and set in casing diameters up to 3.5 times their run-in diameter.

Like cast-iron bridge plugs HEEP tools contain a robust anchor system and elastomeric seals that provide immediate pressure isolation upon setting in casing. For long term zonal isolation, it is recommended to place a cement column above all HEEP family plug systems via a dump bailer.

HEEP plugs can be run on Slick-E-Line®, e-line, slickline, tractor, coiled tubing, and threaded pipe and can be set in open hole, cased hole, perforated casing intervals, and gravel packs.


  • Vertical through horizontal well applications
  • Rigless recompletion to new zone
  • Intra-zonal water production shut-off
  • Inter-zonal water production shut-off
  • Isolate cross-flow thief zones
  • Isolate depleted production zones

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