Reliable delivery of perforating gun solutions


Paradigm Intervention Technologies gun assemblies use bi-directional boosters, non-lead azide explosives, customised connectors and inserts and high velocity-low shrink detonating cord. Additionally, all gun assemblies are scalloped to optimise charge performance and prevent casing damage from perforating exit hole burrs and shot phasing is designed to maintain the integrity and collapse resistance of the casing after perforating. These attributes, along with premium quality gun material and gun connectors, enable the safe, efficient and reliable delivery of perforating gun solutions to our customers.

Paradigm Intervention Technologies utilises a single sub gun connector system, a pin x pin sub (tandem) is threaded into the top of the gun carrier and the box connection on the lower end of the perforating gun is used as the box connection in the makeup process. The explosive train (bi-directional boosters and detonating cord) is fully contained within tandem sub and gun box ensuring the safety of the system. When the connection is made at the rig floor the explosive train is perfectly aligned and creates a path for the gun to gun explosive transfer. The single connector gun system is both extremely reliable and safe. More importantly, this is the most shot efficient system available in the industry.


  • Increase in shot efficiency due to reduction in gun to gun connection length
  • Reduction in potential leak paths
  • Simplified gun loading process and quality control

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