Multiple Annuli Leak Detection

Detect through multiple casing strings or the intermittent leak events

Multiple Annuli Leak Detection

Sustained casing pressure or leaks behind casing is a common problem affecting the industries well stock that many cased hole logs struggle to identify. Issues encountered include measuring through multiple casing strings or the intermittent nature of leak events which make it difficult for conventional point sensors to diagnose. Slick-O-Line® provides an efficient deployment solution offering all the benefits of distributed measurements over the entire well length while manipulating tubing and annulus pressures at surface to help robustly diagnose the problem.

The fibre enabled slickline system utilizes conventional winch and pressure control equipment to allow deployment into the well, thus leveraging existing field infrastructure and personnel. Once deployed in the well real time monitoring of acoustic and temperature changes can be observed over its entire length. This data has been used to source mobile fluids and their direction and speed of flow and can be processed on site if a “quick look” interpretation is required giving fast turnaround times.

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