Cement Bond Logging

Cement Bond Logging


Radial Bond Tool:

This tool assures of hydraulic isolation between producing and non-producing zones, and the integrity of the well, by the effective placement of the cement between the well tubular (typically casing) and the formation.


  • Full length slotted housing for transmitter protection
  • 2 ft radial receiver can detect small voids
  • 8 radial segments gives 360 degree coverage
  • 2 us sample rate gives better sonic signature
  • Can be conveyed in either SRO or memory mode
  • API log format and numerous data output formats
  • Large capacity memory


  • Cement evaluation on casings and liners
  • Reservoir cement integrity on pre abandonment wells
  • Can identify small channelling behind casing
  • Reduced personnel and equipment requirements on memory interventions
  • Simple packoff requirement for pressure pass on memory interventions
  • Can be conveyed on e-line s-line and coil tubing
  • Industry proven

Fluid Density Tool:

The FDT is a short, robust and reliable tool, easily maintained and well suited to e-line SRO operations or memory operations on slickline, coil tubing or tractor.

Applications / Features:

  • Low energy, double encapsulated, AM241 source and collimated design
  • Shielded detector assembly
  • Fluid Identification
  • Multiphase production profiling SRO or memory operation
  • Plug in electronics are used throughout enabling local upgrade and repair

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