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Eline-Slickline Set Composite Bridge Plug

Temporarily isolate multi-stage vertical or horizontal completion operations.

Eline-Slickline Set Composite Bridge Plug

Comprised of proprietary composite material and having a low metallic content, Paradigm Intervention Technologies composite bridge plugs can be quickly and easily milled and circulated back to surface.

Features & Benefits:

  • Consistent drillout times of 30 minutes or less
  • Can be set on slick-e-line, coiled tubing, or production tubing using conventional setting tools
  • Can be milled or drilled with coiled tubing or rig
  • Millable cast iron slips
  • High differential pressure rating
  • “Top Venting” Bridge configuration allows for upper & lower equalization during drill outs.
  • Positive lock-up feature to ensure plugs do not spin while milling
  • Sets securely in most casing, including many premium grades
  • Low temp and high temp materials conducive to a wide range of environments
  • Utilises conventional setting tools with patented precision shearing device
  • Setting is done via a universal setting sleeve and adapter
  • Unique pump down element design requires less fluid and pump pressure to deploy plug horizontally
  • Custom O.D. plugs are available upon request
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